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Bjørn har spilt ”med alle” og ”alle” vil opptre med Bjørn. Han er en av Norges mest brukte produsenter, arrangører og komponister. Og ønsker du egenkomponert filmmusikk eller en reklamejingel du snart får på hjernen, så er også Bjørn mannen. Med solid utdannelse i både klassisk og jazz, har Bjørn et enormt nedslagsfelt. Og ingen gjør det bedre.

More than 200 television programmes

Bjørn studied classical music in Norway and jazz in the USA, at the Berklee College of Music, Boston. Popularly known as Mr Music, he has had a hand in a wide range of musical productions in his home country and an impressive number abroad, too. He has his own band, the BJ Big Band, and has been musical director of more than 200 television programmes. In many of them he has appeared personally, on the keyboard.

The Royal Palace

Few Norwegian musicians have worked with as many famous entertainers and stage personalities as Bjørn Jørgensen. And fewer still have repeatedly played for dancing at Palace balls. Bjørn is so popular for the simple reason that he is one of Norway's most proficient all-round musicians - a meticulous performer with an extraordinarily wide repertoire.

Film music

Bjørn's services have always been much called for in the field of film music. Composing such music is decidedly not for amateurs: it requires a rare ability to enhance the screenplay with the aid of the background music. This is an ability Bjørn possesses to the full. The same applies to his talent for composing music for audio-book dramatizations. Many people have fun watching "Fridtjofs Jul" on Christmas Eve, for which Bjørn has composed the music. Even more, he has produced and arranged music for countless CDs featuring both Norwegian and international artists. Just listen to the BJ Band's widely acclaimed A Tribute to Frank Sinatra.


Bjørn Jørgensen is one of Norway's leading composers of music for commercial radio and television advertisements. Few, if any, have composed more advertising jingles than him. If you catch yourself humming or whistling such a tune, there is every chance that it is one of Bjørn's. Likewise, if you have one on the brain, the odds are that Bjørn is to blame! His more than twenty years' experience as a composer of advertising jingles has resulted in many hours of bright and happy music for radio, television and cinema ads.

A top band with top names

Bjørn's outstanding talent as a composer, arranger, producer and pianist/Hammond B3 player has earned him numerous assignments abroad with many of the the world's top entertainers. To hear the BJ Big Band with Norways greatest artists, don't hesitate, get in touch right away.



A chorus line

Bjørn has been lucky enough to get the job as the musical director of this famous musical to be set up at the Chat Noir. The premiere is on January 29, 2014.

A CHORUS LINE revolutionized Broadway and became the longest-playing musical in New York's history. It broke all records and made ​​a clean sweep what theater prices apply: Ni Tony Awards, seven Drama Desk Awards, New York's Circle Award and the Pulitzer prize for Best Drama!

The musical has been set up twice earlier in Oslo and now it's finally ready for a new generation. From January 2014 you can visit CHAT NOIR to enjoy classics such as "WHAT I DID FOR LOVE", "AT THE BALLET", "DANCE: TEN, LOOKS: THREE" and "ONE" translated into Norwegian by none other than Norway's own musical chief RUNAR BORGE.


Bjørn's new CD "Kveldstanker" are produced on his own label Kalima Records

The CD contains both familiar hymns and spiritual instrumentals that is medicine for the soul. The 14th cut is his own tune, Kveldstanker. We can not wait!


Made up of solely professional musicians, in Norway the Bjørn Jørgensen Big Band is precisely that - big, in both senses of the word. It isn't Bjørn's first band, however: while studying in Boston, at Berklee, he had a similar band - that also called the BJ Big Band.

After an extensive Norwegian tour in 1984, followed by a series of television programmes, Bjørn bade farewell to his American band, as he was keen to re-establish himself in his homeland. It was then that he formed his present, highly successful band.

Among the band's more prestigious engagements may be mentioned balls at the Royal Palace in Oslo, tours of the USA with Norway's Wenche Myhre and Sweden's Lill-Babs, and a host of tours and gigs with Torhild Sivertsen, Tor Endresen, Elg, Jorun Erdal, Hanne Krogh and other leading performers; and, not least, an appearance at Oslo Spektrum when Norway hosted the Latin American World Dance Championship, an event shown on television all over the globe.

The band's latest CD, released by Jazzavdelingen, is A Tribute to Frank Sinatra, live at Smuget. This concert has on several occasions been shown on Norway's national television channel, to wide critical acclaim. Bjørn is much in demand as an arranger - one of his compositions was even performed by the great Duke Ellington's orchestra.

Live from Smuget in Oslo

Bjørn Jørgensen Big Band – The Flintstones
Bjørn Jørgensen Big Band – They can't take that away
Bjørn i katedralen i Valencia Bjørn in a cathedral in Valencia


Bjørn har vært fast organist I Den Norske Sjømannskirken, Gran Canaria siden mai 2010.

Dette er verdens største sjømannskirke, og det er ikke uvanlig at det er 400 mennesker på gudstjeneste. Det er i tillegg opp til 6 brylluper i uken og et aktivt sangkor.

I 2012 hadde kirken 107.000 besøkende!

Fra sjømannskirkens hjemmeside:

Musikk under vigselen:
Vår dyktige organist, Bjørn WW Jørgensen, stiller gjerne opp og spiller under vigselen. Han tilbyr en rekke valgmuligheter. Klikk her for å se repertoaret. Organist bestilles samtidig med bryllupet.


Nowadays, Norway's marching bands are nothing like they used to be. In days gone by the liveliest item in their repertoire tended to be Gammel Jegermarsj, an old military band standby. No longer! Today, musicians and a more sophisticated public both demand something with more zest to it.

Livelier arrangements

These days, such bands generally appear together with local choirs and guest soloists. But where do the feisty arrangements they play come from?

There are few such 'tailor-made' arrangements on the market, which is why Bjørn, seasoned arranger of marching band music that he is, has begun producing arrangements for special occasions.

A summer hit for a concert in the autumn? Or the winner of the European Music Festival for when the band leads a springtime parade? Whatever your need, leave it to Bjørn to adapt it to the make-up of your band and the musicians' proficiency. You are guaranteed a sure-fire hit and one you'll delight in playing.

Along with quality music of your choice, you are assured that your band will be more than happy with both the price and the end result.

Bjørn i katedralen i Valencia Bjørn in Stiklestad Kirke


If you're looking for specially-composed music, Bjørn is the man to help you. He has written more than 1,500 jingles, many of which have become nationwide hits.

In Norway, day in, day out, right around the clock, someone is sure to be playing one of Bjørn's advertising jingles. To hear one, just tune in to a commercial station and wait for the advertising spot. If it's something catchy you need, or evocative film music, then Bjørn's your man. You'll be more than satisfied with the price and he'll guarantee to deliver on time, too.

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